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Book presentation with Garri Kasparow

Book presentation with Garri Kasparow

On: At: ESMT European School of Management and Technology, Berlin

Winter Is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must Be Stopped World chess legend, writer, and political activist Garri Kasparow...

A Cabaret Story

A Cabaret Story

From: To: At: Sally Bowles Cafe Bar - Eisenacher 2, Berlin

Takea nostalgic journey back through time! Retrace the history of Cabaret! From its roots in the salons of Paris in 1881 to its demise under National Socialism...

Relocation Workshop

On: At: Nalu Diner, Berlin

Dealing with German and Berlin bureaucraty can be complicated! Following topics will be covered during the workshop: 1. Visa options 2. Important tips...

Events In Berlin - Today

  • Berlin Tiergarten-Mitte

  • Pub & Café Entertainment

  • The Wednesday - Lounge Party

    Every Wed From: Wednesday 28 January 2015 To: Wednesday 27 January 2016

    Join us for a cosy evening at Cosmo Lounge. Meet people around the world in Berlin, get connected and make new friendships! Every week at the same location, same day... Read More...

  • Berlin-Charlottenburg

  • Art & Exhibitions

  • Helmut Newton's Private Property

    Every Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat From: Saturday 15 August To: Thursday 31 December

    The exhibition "Private Property" displays personal belongings of the photographer Helmut Newton and gives insight into the most important stages of his life and work. Read More...

  • Theatre & Shows

  • Chicago the Musical

    Every Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat From: Tuesday 20 October 2015 To: Sunday 17 January 2016

    The original version from Broadway- offering a mixture of passionate love and falsehood, ambition and vanity, deception and betrayal, sex and crime - garnished with... Read More...

  • Social & Community Events

  • St George's Church

    Every Wed

    The church is open for silent prayer

  • Berlin-Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

  • Music: Classical & Opera

  • Bach zu Gast Am Hofe - Guests of Batch

    Every Wed, Fri, Sat From: Wednesday 2 December 2015 To: Saturday 2 January 2016

    Experience a musical journey to the era of the talented Johann Sebastian Bach with a superb concert by the Berlin Residence Orchestra at the Charlottenburg Palace. Read More...

  • Berlin-Dahlem

  • Art & Exhibitions

  • Fashion Show (ModellSCHAU)

    Every Day From: Friday 22 May 2015 To: Thursday 18 February 2016

    For centuries collectors and admirers have been drawn to models of plants and flowers made from a variety of mediums from wax, terracotta, plaster, paper mache to glass. Read More...

  • Berlin-Friedrichshain

  • Sports Events

  • Basketball Eurocup: Alba Berlin vs. Le Mans Sarthe

    On Wednesday 2 December

    The Alba Berlin basketball team will be playing against the guest and rival team Le Mans Sarthe, in the Eurocup competition. Read More...

  • Berlin-Kreuzberg

  • Art & Exhibitions

  • Toni Schmale

    Every Day From: Saturday 28 November 2015 To: Sunday 3 January 2016

    Exhibition by Toni Schmale, sculptress, draughtswoman and performance artist See website for full details. Read More...

  • Berlin-Mitte

  • Art & Exhibitions

  • Unification - German Society in Transition

    Every Day From: Wednesday 27 May 2015 To: Sunday 3 January 2016

    Exhibition documenting the story of how two countries (the GDR and West Germany) became one following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Read More...

  • Topography of Terror: A Site Tour in 15 Stations

    Every Day

    The outdoor site tour with 15 stations is designed to compliment the permanent indoor exhibition, and gives visitors the chance to witness the history of the terrain... Read More...

  • Topography of Terror: Berlin 1933–1945. Between Propaganda and Terror

    Every Day From: Wednesday 19 August 2015 To: Tuesday 31 May 2016

    Permanent outdoor exhibition, open between spring and fall. The exhibition focuses on the National Socialist policy in Berlin and its consequences for the city of... Read More...

  • Topography of Terror: Gestapo, SS and Reich Security

    Every Day

    Indoor permanent exhibition “Gestapo, SS and Reich Security Main Office on Wilhelm- and Prinz-Albrecht-Straße” focuses on the central institutions of the SS and... Read More...

  • Piet Mondrian - The Line

    Every Day From: Friday 4 September To: Sunday 6 December

    Exhibition of works by Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. This is the first exhibition of his works to come to Berlin since 1968. See website for more information. Read More...

  • From Hockney to Holbein

    Every Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat From: Friday 11 September 2015 To: Sunday 10 January 2016

    One of the most important private collections in Germany is the Wuerth collection, with over 16,000 works ranging from the old masters to contemporary art. Around 250... Read More...

  • From Hockney to Holbein

    Every Day From: Friday 11 September 2015 To: Sunday 10 January 2016

    Exhibition of pieces from the Wuerth collection, one of the most significant private collections in Germany with over 16,000 works ranging from paintings, graphics,... Read More...

  • From Hockney to Holbein- The Würth Collection in Berlin

    Every Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat From: Friday 11 September 2015 To: Sunday 10 January 2016

    The Würth Collection is one of the largest private collections in Europe, with more than 16,800 works of art. The most important pieces from the classic modern... Read More...

  • me Collectors Room Berlin: Cindy Sherman

    Every Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat From: Wednesday 16 September 2015 To: Sunday 10 April 2016

    The photography exhibition "Cindy Sherman – Works from the Olbricht Collection" features 65 photographs from the artist, including works from the entire timeline of... Read More...

  • Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart: National Gallery Prize 2015

    Every Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat From: Thursday 17 September 2015 To: Sunday 17 January 2016

    For the 8th time running, the National Gallery Prize 2015 will be awarded to international artists under 40 years old, who live and create innovative artistic... Read More...

  • The Botticelli Renaissance

    Every Day From: Thursday 24 September 2015 To: Sunday 24 January 2016

    Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) stands as one of the most important artists of the Renaissance. Few from that time are as popular today as the Florentine painter,... Read More...

  • Germaine Krull

    Every Day From: Thursday 15 October 2015 To: Sunday 31 January 2016

    Exhibition of photographs by Germaine Krull (1897-1985), renowned for her photographs of intellectuals in 1920s Paris. Read More...

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